5 Best Paintball Guns For Beginners To Professionals: A Complete Guide

Paintball is an action-packed shooting game. Back in the eighties, this shooting game originated in America. In this game, any individual or group can play the game. A paintball field is designed to create a real-life battlefield. 

The combatants compete in shooting each other. But they don’t use any firearm. Rather, they use dye-filled capsules as their bullet. It’s like playing PUBG in a real-life scenario. You may not have real guns but the thrill is extreme. 

What Is A Paintball Gun?

Paintball is an action-packed shooting game. Back in the eighties, this shooting game originated in America. In this game, any individual or group can play the game. A paintball field is designed to create a real-life battlefield. 

The combatants compete in shooting each other. But they don’t use any firearm. Rather, they use dye-filled capsules as their bullet. It’s like playing PUBG in a real-life scenario. You may not have real guns but the thrill is extreme. 

Reasons to Invest in a good paintball Gun

Ok! Paintballing is fun. But why buy a paintball marker when you can rent them? You don’t have to worry about getting a firearm license. That’s how a beginner would think. But if you play paintball on a regular basis, you better get a good paintball gun. We can’t go into details for time’s sake but here are some common points: 

  • Every time you go for a paintball game, you don’t have to pay an extra charge for renting a gun. 
  • You buy a paintball marker that adapts to your playing style. 
  • Rented paintball markers could be better most of the time. 
  • You can join any local competition. 
  • Good quality guns offer additional features which can help you get accuracy and better results. 
  • You can customize it according to your body size. 
  • You can easily learn to tune and modify your gun accurately. 

What are Caliber Paintballs?

Just like we said, paintball guns don’t equip a real bullet. You need to use dye-filled capsules. We call these capsules, caliber paintballs. Caliber paintballs come in different sizes. However, .68 is the most common among paintballers. There are multiple advantages and disadvantages tag along the different sizes of paintball calibers. Let’s have a look at both: 

Advantages of Different Size Caliber Paintballs

  • For low-impact games, you must choose between .40, .43, .50, and .62. Calibers.
  • .68 caliber is the most common one. However, it doesn’t break on impact making paintballing experience painful. So, get low-size calibers. 
  • By getting a conversion kit, you can easily modify your gun suited for different play styles. 
  • Smaller size paintball calibers need less air to shoot.

Disadvantages of Different Size Caliber Paintballs

  • If your paintball marker doesn’t support modification, you’re bound to one option. 

Types of Paintball Guns

There are three types of paintball guns available for the game. These three are: 

Semi-automatic: The most popular type of paintball gun out there. Most paintball players use these markers as they are very easy to use. Also, semi-automatic paintball guns demand less maintenance. These types of guns are also known as mechanical guns.

Pump Action: This type of gun is similar to a semi-automatic model. But there’s a difference in how you handle the gun. Each time you make a shot, you must manually pull back the pump. Paintball players also categorize them into the mechanical guns. 

Bolt Action: Bolt action models feature a unique design. The open breech design is one of a kind for specific games. However, you have to use both hands to handle the gun. 

Best Paintball Guns

Here are 5 of the best paintball markers that are gaining popularity this year. We have reviewed them accordingly. 

1. Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker Dust Silver Dust Gold

If you’re looking for a high-performance paintball marker, this one is the best deal for you. The 2-piece machine honed barrels ensure an uncompromised accuracy. Mainly, the anti-chop eye system makes this marker stand out from any other guns in the same price range. 

Axe has made major improvements from the previous axe generations. This model is 10 times lighter. So, it’s an easy partner to play with. 

Mainly, the usability of this paintball marker makes it the overall best. The paintball marker equips a toolless disassembly for easy maintenance. Not just that, but you can easily get back in the game whenever you want. 

This paintball marker is best suited for intermediate to expert paintball players. It’s because the 3 modes of firing from semi-automatic to fully automatic would make an excellent choice for speedball games. 

Impressive Sides

  • You don’t require a tool to disassemble the marker. 
  • Different firing modes ensure better accuracy. 
  • The adjustable triggers give you great control. 
  • Surprisingly lightweight for the build. 

Disappointing Sides

  • It’s an expensive model.
Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker Dust Silver Dust Gold
Empire Axe 2.0 Paintball Marker Dust Silver Dust Gold

2. Best for Beginners: Maddog Tipman Soldier Elite

Tippman clearly understands what paintball players want; no compromise on accuracy. The Tippman Stormer elite is incredibly accurate even at a distance great for all forms of play. 

You can say it’s the most accurate paintball gun for any beginner-level player. Aside from the accuracy, we are impressed with the customization. Firstly, the 6-position collapsible stock gives it a military look. So, you can stay confident while playing. 

It equips comfortable rubber grip and flip-up sights. Also, the gun marker has a hopper-fed set up so you can use it for hopper play. This one is highly customizable and that’s the great part. 

For the price, the Tippman Soldier Elite does great in performance, durability, and customization segment. However, it’s not the supreme paintball marker for professional gamers. However, any beginner would find it a great addition to boost their game. But to get a top-notch performance, don’t use CO2. Instead, use HPA. 

Impressive Sides

  • These markers are reliable and accurate. 
  • It has only 98 internals. That’s why it’s easy to clean. 
  • Capable of holding 150+ calibers in the magazine. 
  • Perfect for beginners

Disappointing Sides

  • The sprints are not strong for shooting rubber balls. 

3. Best Affordable: Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

Affordability doesn’t always mean you need to sacrifice accuracy. Even a cheap model can offer an ergonomic design. This model is that kind of a gun. Of course, the design aesthetics give it a military look and the grip is excellent. 

It’s easy to understand the company had to cost-cut the build. The barrel is made of a combination of steel and aluminum. On the other hand, the outer frame is made of plastic. But still, it can perform greatly in harsh conditions. 

The best thing about this paintball gun is its usability. It’s semi-automatic just as you want. Easy operation mode makes it a great choice for beginners and experts alike. The compact design and polymer triggers give you freedom while shooting. 

Overall, it’s the best model if you don’t have enough money for an advanced play situation.  But we would have liked it if it had more than two color options. But we are still happy with the performance as it is. 

Impressive Sides

  • The compact design has a non-slip grip. 
  • The semi-automatic paintball gun is easy to operate. 
  • A combination of aluminum, steel, plastic, and polymer construction makes it durable enough. 
  • The most reliable paintball gun that sits in the affordable category. 

Disappointing Sides

  • Having more color options could have made this product a popular choice. 
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker
Spyder Victor Semi-Auto Paintball Marker

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4. Best High Performance: Planet Eclipse EMEK 

In recent years, old-school paintball guns are making a comeback. They are bringing tons of modern improvements to the paintball field. Luckily, this one is the most modern mechanical paintball gun available this year. A perfect blend of modern features and an old-school accuracy rate makes it a high-performer beast. 

At first, the price may seem a bit on the higher side. However, when you learn the model equips the iconic Gamma core drive train, you are sure to shift your opinion. It’s because this feature is only available in Planet Eclipse paintball marker models over $1000. 

So, you will get a smooth firing experience and super reliable control. Not just that, the gun is quiet while shooting and easy to use. What’s more, the paintball marker can shoot brittle paint. So, you can use this in cold weather with ease.

Furthermore, the clamping feedneck ensures the loader does not go missing when you take a dive into your bunker. Even the push button bold is easy to remove. The comfortable cleanup module impressed us. From start to finish, this model is made for super performance. 

Impressive Sides

  • The paintball marker comes with a simple yet proven design. 
  • They can shoot accurately and on a consistent basis. 
  • There is plenty of aftermarket options available for different parts.
  • Very easy to clean. 

Disappointing Side

  • Not a great performer with CO2 gas.

5. Best for Professionals: Dye M3+ & DLX Luxe X Paintball Gun

The luxe has been a popular choice for professionals since 2009. Most professionals claim it to be the best paintball marker around. And they are super legit about making such comments. even you can take them at their word. 

First of all, the accuracy level of this paintball marker makes it a widely favorite model among professionals. It’s well-balanced, nice on paints, and reacts to your command! The podium proved marker is bound to make your stay with it for years. 

Secondly, the paintball marker is ball-on-ball accurate. The nice single-tube profile is also superb. However, gun consumes a lot of gas. But professionals tend to avoid this drawback. 

When we said, the gun reacts to your command, we weren’t joking. There’s a built-in female robotic voice that talks with you. So, whenever you are on the field, there’s always a spy-mission vibe.

Finally, the trigger is the best feature of this gun. It’s smooth and fully adjustable. You will get enough length for either single or double-trigger finger work. And assembly is no hard nut to crack. You don’t need any tools to disassemble it. Overall, it’s a marker that surpasses even professional requirements.  

Impressive Sides

  • Offers plenty of high-end features that exceed the price range. 
  • Comes with USB to Luxe data transfer cable to keep up to date with the latest firmware and firing modes available.
  • Equips a spool valve design. So, it’s easy on the paints. 
  • The barrel length is extended to provide you with extra control over a shot. 

Disappointing Sides

  • The bolts need constant servicing. 

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What to Look for in a paintball gun?

Yes, owning a paintball marker means you can have tons of fun. However, finding the right model is not easy. Which one will save you money and shoot more paintballs? If that’s your focus, you need to check some features. But if you are a professional, you have to take a different route. 

No matter what type of choice you make, our buying guide can help you get rid of any unnecessary confusion. 

What type of paintball gun should you get?

Mechanical or electrical–which one suits you the best? First, you need to know the difference between the two. Mechanical markers don’t need batteries. But electrical models do. Players who enjoy the game casually can choose mechanical models. It’s because casual-style gameplay don’t need a fast fire rate. 

Of course, mechanical models are cheaper than electric markers. But if you are joining a competition, electric markers are your go-to option. What’s great is, these markers come with an in-built infrared system. So, you can detect the correct position for firing. 

Of course, electric markers are best between the two. However, you should choose based on what type of game you play. Don’t rely solely on which one is the best debate. 

Your Play style is also crucial for the choice

Imagine yourself playing solo or in a group. You can guess, both situation gives you a distinct role. When you are playing solo, you play with your own accord. But when you are tagged with a group, you must fill up a specific role. That’s why you need to choose your marker wisely. 

Most solo paintball players like to buy small and compact paintball markers. It’s because these guns are lightweight and thus easy to carry. However, if you are playing as a sniper on the team, you need a bigger gun. This means, your play style dictates what type of paintball marker you buy. 

Mag-fed or Hopperfed–which one to get?

Recently mag feds are extremely popular among scenario players. These guns are lightweight and easy to maintain. But we recommend you get a hopper-fed paintball marker. But why?

It’s because a mag fed can hold only 20 shots. On the other hand, a paintball hopper fed gun has a 200-round hopper which gives it an unfair advantage over mag fed. 

Also, hopper-fed guns can shoot pretty fast. So, choosing hopperfed over magfed paintball gun is a perfect choice. If you play with a group that uses mag fed, you can use it too. But for long-term plans, you better get hopper-fed. 

Think About the maintenance

Most modern paintball markers only need lubrication on the bolt. Alongside that, having a decent quality batter and ball detents should be enough. 

Also, you can easily find leaks on the gun. But the problem comes when you buy a cheaper model. There are certain parts that are not easy to clean. For instance, we introduced Luxe earlier in this content. Cleaning the hopper is very hard even though it’s an expensive model. So, you should check the technical side as well before buying a gun. 

How much do paintball guns cost?

A paintball marker starts from $50 and can reach up to $2000. Usually, the best starting price for buying a paintball gun is $150. But there are some cheap models that can impress you. For instance, the Spyder auto we reviewed earlier is just around $50. 

Now, this is not a complete answer. If you want to learn more about paintball guns’ price range, you can read our detailed article on how much paintball costs here


What is a paintball made of?

Paintballs usually have gelatin shells. The shells are filled with water-soluble substances and dye. But before you buy paintballs, make sure the components are non-toxic. 

How Fast do paintball guns go?

It depends largely on the model of the gun. However, paintball guns go at a velocity of 300 feet per second on average. 

Final Thoughts

Well, that’s just about it for our best paintball guns in 2023. We tried to give you brief but useful information. But if you are still confused about which model you should choose, you can rely on our suggestion for once. 

We believe the Empire Axe 2.0 is the best choice for players with any type of skill level. The price is on the affordable side and the performance is top-notch. 

On the other hand, the BLX Luxe X paintball gun is still the best one on this list. It’s a high-end paintball gun with plenty of modern features. You are sure to come back to this model time after time. It’s because this paintball marker can adjust to modern trends. Even you can easily use it for professional scenarios. 


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